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A Month of Fame: 2 Published Articles!

A Month Fame!

2 Published Articles

The month of October has yielded many 1st time instances for me.

I played my first solo recital made up of (almost) entirely my own compositions. I had an article published about my story.... I had another article published about my story. Yes, 2 articles were written about Eric Salazar this month. I'm feeling pretty cool about this!

Arranged by an audience member at one of my shows.

Arranged by an audience member at one of my shows.

The first article was published in Eñe, a monthly magazine for the Latin-American community of Indianapolis. Eñe brings together the Latin-American community, reaching thousands of people in Indy. The magazine provides informative, educational, and empowering articles for the community.

Karla Romero, Editor-in-Chief of Eñe, heard me play on Monument Circle in August. She happened to be walking by on the circle and stopped to listen.

She saw my name on the bill and saw my name was of Hispanic heritage. She then followed up with me. Karla is an excellent writer and she is heavily involved in the Indianapolis Latin-American community. I am honored that she chose to share my story. Read the article here.

‘La energia de Eric es contagiosa y su talento a la hora de tocar su clarinete es impresionante...’

’Eric’s energy is contagious and his talent for playing his clarinet is impressive...’
— Karla Romero, Editor-in-Chief of Eñe Monthly Magazine

The second article was published on the My Music. My Story portion of Classical Music Indy's websiteMy Music. My Story. features music, musicians, and music lovers in Indianapolis. I have been working closely with Classical Music Indy (CMI) lately to bring classical music to the community. CMI is making a HUGE difference in the community. There are many projects coming up!

Performing Music Feels Like Freedom
— Eric Salazar: My Music. My Story. Classical Music Indy

Camille Sarabia, Marketing and Public Relations with CMI, wrote the article. I am so happy that she chose to share my story. Camille is an up and coming young professional from IU. I met Camille at a performance on the circle. We got to talking and I shared a little of my story with her. Later, Camille followed up with me and the result was this article! Read the article here.

...Eric composes his own music, fusing and meshing different styles together. His artistry, heavily influenced by classical compositions, incorporates elements of Jazz, Throat-Singing, Celtic, Turkish, and more.
— Camille Sarabia, Classical Music Indy

That's all for now. I am one happy clarinetist. I'm so thankful people are wanting to share my story. There are many exciting projects coming up! Stay tuned!

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