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April Classical Revolution
8:00 PM20:00

April Classical Revolution

Classical Revolution was formed in the fall of 2006 at Revolution Cafe in San Francisco.On Sundays, musicians gather at the cafe for the informal "Chamber Jam Sessions" where we read down the standards of the chamber music repertoire and invite musicians from the community to perform pieces from their repertoire.
These informal open mic sessions are very popular for both musicians and audience.Classical Revolution has spun off and started chapters in New York, Berlin, Reno, Portland, Chicago, Philadelphia, Melbourne, Ann Arbor, Toronto, Cincinnati, Washington DC, Banff, Belgrade, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh...

Come play or listen in at the new Classical Revolution in Indianapolis! You will have the opportunity to perform and jam with many different people in a venue other than the concert hall, and meet local musicians and live music fans.

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8:00 PM20:00


I'm playing a show with D.C. based Wytold Ensemble on Sept. 11th! Tickets are $5!


The latest instantiation of Wytold’s Ensemble includes Ethan Foote, Chelle Fulk, Gina Sobel, and Jerry Tolk. Click here to watch their latest performance at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage.

Ethan Foote is a bassist, composer, arranger, and songwriter based in Washington, D.C. His original work and his career as a performer have encompassed jazz, folk, classical, and popular idioms, as well as interdisciplinary collaborations involving theater and visual art. He regularly accompanies folk artist Marian McLaughlin, whose work he has arranged for string ensemble and with whom he performed in the Tiny Desk Concert series at NPR.

Chelle Fulk is a versatile violinist/violist/vocalist. Her talent and professionalism can be found on stage or in the studio with Celtic, jazz, pop and rock bands, classical string trios and quartets, Latin ensembles and more. Besides playing fiddle and electric violin with her own Celtic band, Keltish, she performs with the Anthem String Quartet, and has appeared with Coyote Run and String Theorists.

Gina Sobel is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in flute, voice, saxophone and composition. She received her BA in music from William and Mary in 2007 and subsequently moved to Charlottesville, VA where she leads several groups of her own, blending her love of jazz, rock, funk and Americana.

Jerry Tolk is a talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with roots in rock, blues, and jazz. He has formed and collaborated with many DC bands on guitar, banjitar, bass, and drums. With Wytold, Jerry plays rhythmic chords and lead solos on banjitar, and ‘glues it all together’ with electronic percussion on the Handsonic.


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