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This is the website of Eric Salazar--Clarinetist, Chamber Musician, Teacher, and Innovator. Come see what Eric is up to on this site!

"Super Human Clarinet Hero, Eric Salazar"

For the Spark Monument Circle placemaking project, 9 performers brought their music to monument circle as part of Classical Music Indy's ongoing Random Acts of Music, from August 14 through October 2nd. This performance by Eric Salazar happened in front of the Emmis Building on Monument Circle on Aug. 28, 2015. Learn more about Big Car and Spark at Learn more about Classical Music Indy at Random Acts of Music presented by Classical Music Indy: August 14 - Sarah Skreko & Deb Shebish August 21 - Sarah Drake & Johna Bradley Smith August 26 - Sarah Skreko & Joe Valencia August 28 - Eric Salazar September 4 - John Alvorado October 2 - Reed Trio: Eric Salazar, Kevy Bailey & Heather Wright

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