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This is the website of Eric Salazar--Clarinetist, Chamber Musician, Teacher, and Innovator. Come see what Eric is up to on this site!

Very cool. I myself... found him very intriguing. He’s doing some really cool things with music.
— Darrin Snider, Indy In-Tune Radio
 Click to visit Indy In-Tune Radio's website!

Click to visit Indy In-Tune Radio's website!

Salazar is a dynamic and creative performer who composes music pairing his virtuoso clarinet skills against washes of electronic sound...
— Kyle Long, NUVO Music Columnist
This man is no Squidward—I’ve never heard a clarinet go so hard! Classical Music Indy brought something truly unique to the Melody Inn.
— Kelsey Simpson, Music Correspondent at NUVO!
I’ve never seen someone playing a clarinet take the the instrument in so many directions.
— Kyle Long, Cultural Manifesto Host on 90.1 WFYI
[Radio Interview begins at 28:55]
Super human clarinet hero Eric Salazar with @clssclmusicindy here at @CircleSpark @IndyDT
— Big Car Collaborative, On Twitter, Indianapolis, IN
Sassiest damn clarinet in the rabbit right now. Was expecting klezmer #oyveyy and got something bad ass instead. #blessed #chandler
— The White Rabbit Cabaret, On Instagram, Fountain Square Indianapolis, IN
‘La energia de Eric es contagiosa y su talento a la hora de tocar su clarinete es impresionante...’

’Eric’s energy is contagious and his talent for playing his clarinet is impressive...’
— Karla Romero, Editor-in-Chief of Eñe Monthly Magazine, Indianapolis, IN
...Eric composes his own music, fusing and meshing different styles together. His artistry, heavily influenced by classical compositions, incorporates elements of Jazz, Throat-Singing, Celtic, Turkish, and more.
— Camille Sarabia, Classical Music Indy

Listen to new album Soul Search below!

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