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Chirp Fly Soar Score

Chirp Fly Soar Score Preview.png
Chirp Fly Soar Score Preview.png

Chirp Fly Soar Score


A guided improvisation piece for any instrument and electronics. The score is a graphic score rather than traditional notation.

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"Graphic Scores are so cool, but they look so complicated!"

Not true! With Chirp Fly Soar, you can perform a guided improvisation with a simple graphic score.

I'm Eric Salazar. An American clarinetist & composer with an awesome career that revolves around new music and improvisation. I perform improvisations almost every week in bars, theaters, and concert halls. I am also a Pereira 3D Artist, and an artist with the record label Centaur Records.

A lot of people think that to get to this level, you have to have some kind of natural talent with improvisation. This is not the case. It takes years of work to hone improv skills, just like how it takes years of work to master playing scales. Your improv journey starts with Soul Search -  a piece of music that can help temper improv skills while also being a crowd-pleaser for any performance.

Chirp Fly Soar is a guided improvisation for any instrument + electronics, written just for you. Whether you are an improv pro, or just getting started with it, the freedom you will feel as you play Chirp Fly Soar will satisfy your improv needs. The ambient electronic track sets the mood, so you are able to explore the possibilities of color, melody, and harmony.

Electronics? That sounds complicated!

The beauty of this piece is that all you need is a way to plug in your laptop, tablet, or even phone to a speaker system. That's right - all you have to do is plug it in, and press play on your device! Performing electronics and improvisation has never been easier for you!

This 4'30" work is a great addition to any recital, set, or show if you are looking to showcase your virtuosity and creativity! While not required, the piece is enhanced by the use of electronic pedals. Electronic backing track sold separately

LIMITED TIME ONLY: $5 rebate available if you perform the piece within 3 months of purchasing. Email for more details!

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