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Teaching Philosophy:

Curiosity + Self-Sufficiency leads to Creative Artistry.

“My goal as a teacher is simple. I give my students the necessary tools to allow them to explore their own artistic creativity and to express themselves musically. To learn this, a student must first be taught how to teach themselves. I get my students to the point where they no longer need a teacher. Once they are able to think critically to solve their own problems, they are granted independence. Every student has something unique to offer. I nurture these unique characteristics and unique talents. They coincide with the student’s innate passions. When independent thinking is combined with the pursuit of passions, creative artistry is mastered.


The process by which a student masters creative artistry results in high intellectual capacity, diligent work ethic, confidence in one’s own ideas, and a strong depth of character. The possession of these traits will allow any student to become successful in any position, in any career.”


Why invest in private lessons?

Private lessons are a way for a student to get extra attention and encouragement for their musical interests. Individual attention, in any field, leads to greater growth and understanding. If someone wants to get better at exercising, they hire a personal trainer. If someone wants to get better at shooting PKs in soccer, they spend extra time shooting with the coach after practice. In any discipline, it is not enough to just attend practice and leave without putting additional time into the discipline. If a student has any interest in music at all, private lessons are a worthy investment. 

What are private lessons like with Eric Salazar?

My primary focus is to creative a positive learning environment. I employ playful discipline so the student is able to work hard without ever becoming discouraged or embarrassed. With nearly a decade of teaching experience,I have found ways to make learning to play the clarinet fun while retaining a high rate of improvement.

We usually start with playing long tones, then play scales. After this we work on etudes, solos, and/or ensemble music. We typically end the lesson with a little bit of improvisation or composition. I take time to address fundamentals of clarinet playing, while inspiring continual pursuit of musicality.

Student Achievements from Eric Salazar's studio:

  • Indiana All-State Band
    • 2 years in a row
  • Acceptance as Music Majors in Indiana
    • Multiple students accepted to Ball State University
  • OMEA Middle School Honor Band
    • Multiple students placing in the single digits for chair placement
  • Creation and Performance of Original Compositions
    • Multiple students

Student Testimonials:

"I enjoyed the way Eric taught us how to 'break down' a difficult phrase of music in order to be one step closer to playing it accurately."

-12th Grade Student, M. S.

"Unlike other lessons, I have learned how to play the clarinet, instead of just learning how to play music with the clarinet. This has helped me greatly because I am a better musician than I was and I know more about the clarinet and music in general."

-7th Grade Student, M.H.

"I have also had a lot of fun learning with Eric. He has an interesting way of explaining things that helps me a lot. He has also explained a lot more about the clarinet instead of just teaching me notes. In conclusion, I have had a very fun and educational year learning how to play the clarinet with Eric."

-7th Grade Student, M.H.

"Eric was a very nice and cool clarinet teacher. He definitely made me a better clarinet player. He was never in a bad mood. Whenever I messed up, he would always tell me to try again. If I was in a bad mood, he would cheer me up. He never said anything negative about me, always positive."

-6th Grade Student, A.H.

"I've learned many great things from Eric to be a better player. This includes posture, never giving up, and embourchure. He would try many different things to figure out what I did wrong. Once he figured what was wrong with my embouchure, I immediately became a better clarinetist. Overall I think Eric is a really great clarinet teacher and I learned many things to be a better player!"

-6th Grade Student, A.H.


Concert Band Sectionals


I like to have the group start with long tones to get everyone warmed up. We then play scales as an ensemble. After this, we go to work on the assigned music. I am able to diagnose and correct ensemble and individual problems. I excel at correcting rhythmic errors and intonation issues. I work hard to demand much from the students while retaining an overall feeling of fun and success. 


  • Brownsburg High School 
    • Clarinet sectionals (2010-2012)
  • Brownsburg Middle School
    • Clarinet sectionals (2010-2012)
  • Muncie Southside High School
    • Woodwind choir sectionals, clarinet sectionals (2011-2013)
  • Muncie Central High School
    • Woodwind choir sectionals, clarinet sectionals(2012-2013)
  • Bowling Green High School
    • Clarinet sectionals, saxophone sectionals (2013-2015)
  • Bowling Green Middle School
    • Clarinet sectionals (2013-2015)


Marching Band


  • Brownsburg High School: low reed staff, clarinet staff, woodwind staff (2010-present)
    • Ran sectionals, worked with individuals and groups of varying size (5-25) on both marching and music
  • Franklin Community High School: woodwind staff, visual tech (2015)
    • Ran sectionals, worked with individuals and full woodwind section
  • Muncie Southside High School: woodwind director, clarinet staff (2011-2013)
    • Ran sectionals, worked with individual sections and full woodwind groups
    • Attended to all details of the woodwind section: part distribution, rewriting music, logistical organization of sections, room distribution, marching, music, everything
  • Ballard County Memorial High School: clarinet staff, woodwind director (2014, 2015)
    • Managed clarinet section for a two week camp; marching, music, everything
      • After day 3, I ran full woodwind sectionals
      • Several times in the 2nd week I led full band rehearsals




  • Bowling Green State University: Improvisation masterclass (2013, 2014)
  • Ball State University: Improvisation masterclass (2014)
    • Guest Clinician at Ball State Clarinet Festival
  • 34th Annual BGSU Honor Band and Director Clinic: Clarinet masterclass (2014)

Other Services

Chamber Music Coach

  • Excellent resource during solo+ensemble season
    • 6 years of experience preparing small ensembles for contest


  • 3 years experience conducting woodwind choirs
    • Conducted clarinet choirs for contest
  • Capable of conducting full band rehearsals
    • Resource for breathing workshops
    • Resource for getting ensembles ready for contest
    • Need a break from your band or need a second opinion? Call me!

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